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Natural way to Lose Weight

The secret of Acunpuncture and Weight Loss

Weight loss is big talk in the medias. Lots of persons dream about good body shape and expect to get healthy and slim. There are so many ways for weight loss. One of them is acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment for weight loss already has lots of clinical trial reports, which proves acupuncture is effective.

Digest efficiently

Acupuncture can regulate the efficacy of digestive system and promote the metabolism of fat tissues—-burning more fat

Get healthy

Lots of risky factors for weight gain are to removed, like stress, poor sleep, anxiety,muscle pain,etc

Yin-Yang Balance

When your body mechanism of metabolism becomes balanced, you will not only lose body weight but also feel energetic

“Lost 10 lbs in first week, I am now feeling very relaxed and healthy”Susan Roy

Meet Our Team

Jonathan Liu

Jonathan Liu graduated from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine as Master Degree. He has practicing acupuncture and herbal therapy for 20 years. He is the first group to transfer from Grandparent class to General Class of TCMP(Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner). After graduation, he firstly worked in the big hospital and then opened his own clinic after he landed in Canada.

Jonathan is not only practicing acupuncture and herbal therapy but also is engaged in the education of Chinese Medicine. He now is the professor of Georgian College and lectures acupuncture, materia medica, palpation anatomy, case study ,etc.

Jonathan understands theory and practice of Chinese Medicine deeply through 20 years’ practice. He treats lots of pain syndromes, gynecological disorders, skin diseases, weight loss, etc. The pathway of exploration for Medicine is endless. Jonathan likes to try his best to give the patients the best services. Welcome to Liu’s Wisdom Healing Centre!

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